What is Medical Massage?


Medical massage therapy

Medical massage treatment is based on a client's individual and specific condition.  It focuses on listening, assessing and determining what lifestyle function could be causing a particular pain and then finding the best treatment for the muscular dysfunction. Vee does not promote any one specific technique. There are a broad range of techniques and approaches used. Techniques used in the soft tissue manipulation may include: therapeutic deep tissue, trigger point, friction, reflexology, negative pressure cupping, myofascial and neuromuscular approaches.


What is Restorative Exercise?

In Restorative Exercise, you will learn some objective markers to help you see how you currently move and discover ways to make shifts in the mechanical inputs your body is responding to. Learning sustainable ways to move differently will have a positive impact on your health and well being. Restoring the body's alignment can benefit your cardiovascular system, bone density, energy levels, muscle recruitment and in general, reduce the symptoms of chronic movement (or lack of) patterns. All bodies and experience levels are welcome.


Massage Pricing

1 hour – $90

1.25 hour - 110.00

1.5 hour - 130.00


Restorative Exercise Pricing

for pricing on restorative exercise, please call NORSPRING Center for Rejuvenation at 423-682-8674.



To schedule for one of the massage therapies, please call NORSPRING Center for Rejuvenation at 423-682-8674.