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Who is eCryotherapy of North America?


eCryotherapy of North America ( is the parent company of NORSPRING and the sole U.S. distributor of Mecotec cryotherapy products, chosen for our superior service after the sale. eCryotherapy chambers are electric-powered, creating the best cryotherapy environment. From an end to inflammation to a new way to relax and rejuvenate, see how eCryotherapy brings individuals who are suffering, relief from the cold.

We are one of the leading providers of products and solutions in the field of cooling technology.  We distribute high-quality cooling facilities and systems such as cryotherapy chambers, cold air therapy devices, and are pioneers of the development of electric cryotherapy centers for rejuvenation in the United States. From distribution, to installation, training and warranty service, we offer economical and powerful cooling solutions for a host of applications providing therapies that enhance performance, vitality, and healing. Personal safety, high efficiency and low operating costs make our eCryoChambers the top choice of doctors, physical therapists, trainers, and athletic directors. In addition to sales of MECOTEC products, we use them in our own NORSPRING Center for Rejuvenation.

eCryotherapy of North America distributes electric cryotherapy chambers

Whole body cryotherapy is the advanced and effective way to use the natural recovery power of our bodies. When rapidly cooled through extreme cold air, the body is supercharged with muscular enzymes, anti-inflammatory proteins, and higher levels of oxygen. The result observed is an effective, natural treatment for repair, recovery, relief, and overall wellness while using the newest technology that harnesses the timeless power of cold.

Treatment sessions, down to –170º F temperatures, last three minutes. Observed benefits include faster recovery time from sports training and surgery; reduced inflammation from rheumatic diseases, joint injuries or chronic pain; improved circulation; healthier skin; and improved mental wellness. Clients not only feel better, their bodies work better.



eCryotherapy of North America products offer endless potential to:



  • Pain and inflammation

  • Post-training and post-competition recovery time

  • Post-surgery or injury rehabilitation time (combined with physical therapy)



  • Energy

  • Range of motion

  • Joint function

  • Muscle strength

  • Peak athletic performance

  • Circulation, blood flow and oxygenation

Assist in

  • Establishing sleep patterns

  • Regulating serotonin, endorphins and other natural mood-enhancers

  • Enhanced rejuvenation of muscles and soft tissues



Facts about eCryotherapy of North America and our products:

  • Exclusive American provider of Mecotec products, designed and engineered in Germany and proven over 20 years

  • More efficient, economic, and safer than nitrogen tanks

  • Simple to operate

  • Easily holds up to 4 athletes or clients at one time (including larger athletes or clients)

  • Clinicians maintain contact with every client throughout treatment, thanks to glass doors and a two-way intercom

  • Hand-held machines offer a cryotherapy option for localized treatment specific to sports related injuries and recovery; providing anti-inflammatory properties and thus, pain relief



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toll-free ph: 844-893-2212
fax: 423-682-8680




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