Ethan Reeve

Director of Athletic Performance

University of  Tennessee, Chattanooga

“My personal experiences with the cryotherapy chamber and local cryotherapy sessions have been life-altering, in a positive way. My overall general well-being has really improved. My thinking has become more clear. My joint mobility has been enhanced due to lessened inflammation and improved blood flow to my extremities. Overall, I feel more at peace and better able to cope with daily stress. I highly recommend cryotherapy to those seeking better health. I recommend cryotherapy to those athletes looking to maximize their athletic potential through optimal regeneration, recovery and improved sleeping. “



Sports Barn Spin Instructor  and Retired CEO

" The Cryo Chamber and spot treatments definitely work for me. The effects are subtle- don’t expect dramatic results after your first visit! It took two plus weeks- 3 times a week for me to realize I no longer needed ibuprofen to get through the day. The greatest benefit is that I no longer need any of that type medication anymore. 

An unintended experiment happened for me recently. I was out of town for 2 ½ weeks with no access to the Cryo-chamber I found that near the end of my trip I was getting progressively more achy.  By the end I had to return to taking ibuprofen. I couldn’t wait to get back to the chamber!

 I also get local treatments on a knee that had stayed swollen constantly due to two surgeries to repair meniscus issues. Regular spot treatments have reduced the swelling and has allowed me greater flexibility and almost no pain in my knee when I run. I also noticed recently that I am sleeping better and more rested when I wake. Others I meet at NORSPRING share similar stories. ..but it is up to each person to decide if it is worth the time and effort. I only know that I am thrilled with my results!"



Senior Wealth Advisor

"First of all, the people that work at NORSPRING are incredible! They are knowledgeable about the services offered, extremely friendly, and the sense of community they have created is something to behold. The benefits of cryotherapy for me are numerous:  Dramatic reduction in muscle/joint soreness,  Better sleep, Better skin tone, Weight loss (a nice side benefit!), A substantial pick up in energy level and overall mood. 

When I use it pre-workout, I have gotten a pick up in performance each time. The other key factor at NORSPRING is the client base. To the person, they are outgoing, seem to have an adventuresome spirit and be willing to try new things, and (here’s that word again) fun. Bottom line- NORSPRING is fun and makes me feel better! "




Partner: High Point Climbing and Fitness; Contemporary Healthcare Capital

I am an obsessive ultra distance athlete, and average 16 hours a week of training. I race Ironman events (full and 70.3) and have qualified for 9 consecutive world championships. At 57 years old, the training takes a toll on my body and I’ve learned that recovery plays an integral role in remaining competitive.  That's why Norspring has become a very important part of my training regimen.

I utilize the Cryo chamber 3-4 times a week, and it keeps my legs feeling fresh from the abuse I put them through. I also sleep better and it increases my metabolism and overall energy levels. At Norspring, I receive weekly massage therapy and take advantage of acupuncture treatments from top notch therapists. I’d recommend Norspring to anyone looking to feel better from a wholistic health approach.