How to begin your NORSPRING Experience


Step 1. View the contraindications

Cryotherapy is a treatment method for a very wide spectrum of ailments and disorders. Cryotherapy is also very safe. However, there are situations in which we advise you not to use it. Cryotherapy treatment is not desirable in a number of cases.

Norspring cryotherapy treatments

View contraindications for cryotherapy


Step 2. Make an appointment

There are two ways to make an appointment:

  • Schedule by phone: 423-682-8674

  • Schedule online ( Coming soon!)

Cancellation Policy: To be courteous to all of our clients, please contact us at least 24 hrs in advance if you must reschedule your appointment. Failure to contact us within this timeframe will result in the loss of that scheduled session and will be nonrefundable.





norspring cryotherapy

Step 3. Be sure to bring the following items

  • Men: swimming trunks or sports shorts. Ladies: sports shorts and sports bra.

  • Dry socks



Step 4. Check in at Norspring

norspring cryotherapy chamber
  • You will receive a pair of slippers from us, and then you can go to the changing rooms to get changed.

  • Please wear swimwear or sports shorts (and a top for the ladies), and socks and slippers. Be particularly careful to ensure your clothes are not wet. Wet clothes could freeze in the NORSPRING chamber and this may cause serious injuries.

  • The NORSPRING tech will assist you as soon as the chamber is available. Up to 4 people can enter the chamber in a single session.

  • The tech will give you a facemask, a headband to cover ears and gloves. You will also be given instructions before the session starts. Please follow the instructions carefully.

  • When everything is ready for the session to start, the NORSPRING tech will ask you to enter the NORSPRING chamber antechamber.

  • The temperature in the antechamber is -70°F (-57˚C). After 20 seconds, our tech will ask you to enter the next chamber. Here, the temperature is -167°F ( -110.6°C).

  • You will maintain eye contact with the tech through the large window. Continue to follow his or her instructions carefully.

Cryotherapy chamber at norspring chattanooga


Step 5. Step into the Whole Body Cryotherapy chamber

  • Make sure not to touch the chamber walls.

  • Pay close attention to the tech through the window. Always follow his or her instructions.

  • The tech will indicate how much time has passed through the intercom.

  • The tech will also regularly ask you whether you’re still feeling OK.

  • If at some point you do not feel well, you can immediately leave the chamber through the two doors. Please ensure the doors are properly closed behind you.


Step 6. Leave the Cryotherapy chamber

  • When the tech informs you that the session is over, please open the first door to the antechamber.

  • When all participants are in the antechamber, close the door between the chamber and the antechamber. Subsequently everyone can exit through the outer door.

  • It is normal for the skin to be red just after treatment, and to feel a tingling sensation throughout the body.

  • After the session, you can take a seat in our lounge or warm up on one of cardio machines. Alternatively, you could also return to the changing rooms to get dressed immediately after treatment.