Yoga at Norspring is for individuals who want to study with well-trained,
experienced teachers. Classes are based on the sound placement of the body and
intelligent sequencing supported by the breath.

Yoga at NORSPRING with plank position

A strong yoga practice reveals itself far more through the intelligence of the work
and genuinely inspired, intuitive grace than through the demands of the poses.
Through all the classes offered at Norspring, governing principles allow for a safe,
illuminating practice that leaves no one behind.




Ongoing Classes:

Active Regeneration Yoga & Meditation - We believe regeneration is a vital part of a
well rounded life. It’s the moment when you do less to do more, and reboot body
and mind to a higher level. In this class we’ll work with sun salutations, controlled
breathing techniques while building stronger bones and improving flexibility. Good
for beginners and students desiring a moderately paced class with suitable
modifications and prop use where needed.

Time: 9a – 10:15a
Each Friday beginning October 6, 2017


Private Yoga at Norspring

Private yoga instruction at Norspring can help you identify and alleviate issues
specific to you. Whether you want to sharpen your alignment, are healing from an
injury, or have chronic pain in your body. one – on – one sessions provide you with
customized yoga under careful guidance to help you feel better in your body and
gain confidence in your ability to move without pain.

Yoga at NORSPRING with relaxing back position

Private Yoga Packages:

Move Easier, Feel Better
1x 75-minute session - $150 (1 – 2 people)

Mark your moments with movement. This yoga session is characterized by
thoughtful, progressive development of poses through good posture, gentle
strengthening and steady breathing.

Tailored Therapeutics / Symptom Specific Therapeutics
2x 90 minute sessions - $325 (1 person)

Your first session includes a consultation and assessment including but not limited
to your health history, posture, movement patterns, muscle testing, as well as daily
lifestyle. At the 2nd session, you will be guided through your tailored therapeutics
yoga routine and be given the routine to take home with you.

Mindful Progress
6x 75-minute sessions - $750 (1 – 2 people)

This package is perfect for the first-time student and any student who wants a fresh
understanding of the fundamentals of yoga and how to develop sound posture while
strengthening and releasing the body. It also gives us an opportunity to check in
with your progress and adjust your routine to your body’s needs as it changes.

4 – Week Yoga Series

Yoga at NORSPRING in resting pose

Intelligent Yoga for Graceful Aging – As we mature, we can face health problems,
mental disturbances and social distraction. Studies have found that yoga and
meditation help improve our quality of life as well as increasing longevity. This 4-
week yoga and meditation series will guide you through themed movement
practices that address specific lifestyle patterns. Any level of movement ability is
welcome, and no yoga experience is necessary.

Time: 10a – 11:15a

Monday, Sept 11– Stress, Depression, Anxiety
Monday, Sept 18 – Memory Loss
Monday, Sept 25– Balance
Monday, Oct 2– Quality of Sleep

Investment - $100

Urban Zen – In a world of constant overwork and over stimulus, it is imperative to
find a sanctuary. This groundbreaking series is open to anyone who needs a little
TLC! It offers premiere regenerative yoga sequences, breath awareness, and
meditation. Any level of movement ability is welcome, and no yoga experience is

Time: 10a – 11:15a

Wednesday, Sept 13/20/27
Wednesday, Oct 4

Investment - $100




For pricing on a yoga session, please see the various options listed above.



To schedule a yoga session, please call NORSPRING Center for Rejuvenation at 423-682-8674.