Private Classes


Private Therapeutic Yoga:


Private Therapeutic Yoga at NORSPRING adapts the practices of Yoga, such as postures and relaxation breathing, to suit the individual needs of people with health challenges. No yoga experience is required, as Jonathan Ellis - ERYT will individually tailor a practice designed to help you reach your health goals. He begins with a discussion about your health concerns, and then works with you to create a personalized practice that suits your abilities, interests, and time. These sessions will empower you to progress toward greater health and well-being.


Some of the common issues addressed are:


Cancer  *  Back and neck pain  *  Sleep problems  *  Heart conditions  *  Anxiety  *  Hypertension  *  Fibromyalgia  *  Stress  *  Depression


Yoga at NORSPRING with plank position

Investment: $100 = 75 minute session


Ongoing ClassES: 

Active Regeneration Yoga and Meditation: Fridays - 9a - 10:15a

Yoga at NORSPRING with relaxing back position

We believe regeneration is a vital part of a well rounded life. It's the moment when you do less to do more, and reboot body and mind to a higher level. In this class we'll work with sun salutations, controlled breathing techniques while building stronger bones and improving flexibility. Good for beginners and students desiring a moderately paced class with suitable modifications and prop use where needed


Investment: $20 per class




To schedule a yoga session, please call NORSPRING Center for Rejuvenation at 423-682-8674.